I didn’t think I liked the beach.

I must becoming an age where sand in-between my toes is not a issue anymore. I went to Watergate Bay in Newquay for a brief 40 minutes and instead of being dragged there I was eager to dip my toes into the sea. (I’m usually a pool only kind of girl.)

Hitting 30 this year has made me want to hit the beach and not for tanning reasons, not for ice cream or finding seashells (although the inner child in me – took a few home). I now enjoy the beach because it makes me realise how small I am and how everything concerning me is really nothing to worry about. I guess you can say it made me look at the bigger picture.

In my week off work… supposedly a holiday however a stressful journey to Cornwall from London for a wedding (the DAY was lovely and so worth the journey) the rest of my ‘holiday’ was spent at home – and I personally wouldn’t call that a holiday. However the few brief moments I got to dip my feet in the sea and look around at the stunning cliff faces (are they cliff faces? – I’m not a geology genius) – were wonderful.

Whats happening to me – ‘Wonderful’ I would never use this word.

I thought ‘changes’ only happen when your a teenager STRIKE THAT… I thought changes only happen to your body as you grow older. I was wrong. Im starting to think different. Be different.

Beaches change with time – We do too – I have to accept this.

Is change good? – we ‘shell sea’…

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