I couldn’t decide whether to call this blog decisive or indecisive.

Which says it all.

Decision making isn’t easy for me especially when it comes to the small things such as;

– Choosing from a menu. I get extreme food envy when I hear what other people order.
– Picking a new colour lipstick. Then deciding if it’s worth getting into a long queue to purchase the lipstick I just spent ages choosing. Double Decision making. agh.
– I even struggle with road crossing. Do I cross now. Do I not. With a pecking head – I literally look like the chicken that tried to cross the road.

My decision making skills are not the best, however I live with my decisions. I face up to them, laugh at them or atleast try and see the positive side to the decision I have made.

Apparently my Grandad use to always say “stick to your guns” always go with your first choice. He was of course talking about horse racing and backing the winner, but I’ve taken this advice with me in all my life decisions – big and small.

Your decisions make you who you are. You stick with your decisions in which then create the pathway to your life.

It blows my mind sometimes when I think “what would of happened if I didn’t / did do that” who would I have met / not met. Where would I be? What would I be doing?

Grandad was right. Stick with your decisions. The horse you back will win… It might just not be on the course you thought it was going to take.

NB: The reason for this blog post came from me visiting the Hayward Gallery, London to see Carsten Holler: Decision.
(I have not spoke of all my experiences from the visit so if you do go – there will be more decision making surprises)

I had a interesting time mostly full of bad decisions but ones I can reflect on with a smile on my face;
– Entering the tunnel of ‘doom’ – I decided on tunnel B and screamed the whole way through.
– Looking through simulator goggles which I think were meant to take me through a forest- but either my goggles weren’t working or I became impatient and didn’t give it enough time… leaving me with enough time to watch my friends wearing the goggles, which was hilarious!
– Walking into a very dark room which was showing a documentary about Congo and improv dance. I got inspired and actually started to prance around the room creating my own improv moves – later realising that improv dancing with your director at work standing right behind you for the duration was not the best decision.
– Wearing a strange contraption on my head which turned the world upside down. I felt sick from dizziness and my eyes went blood shot red but to see the world from a different perspective was an incredible experience.
– Taking the slide out of the exhibition that went from the the top of The Hayward to the bottom – I felt like a 5 years old (and again screamed like one).

If you can go. You should.
But that’s your decision.

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