Warning: This post contains a large amount of food in which could make you feel sick with disgust. Therefore if you were hungry before you won’t be no more!

Afternoon Tea @
BRGR.CO, Soho, London

Before I get into what Afternoon Tea entails at a burger restaurant… I need to note that being the first to arrive at BRGR.CO and waiting a ‘full’ 5 minutes for everyone else to arrive I had officially changed my name to ‘Hank Marvin’….5 minutes later I was then joined by three more Hank Marvins.

NB. Hank Marvin is cockney slang for starving. I’m a born and bread Londoner and just can’t help myself sorry…

Ok excuses over this is what we ordered.

Afternoon Tea included; a butchers cut and cheddar chaser slider, a southern fried chicken and coleslaw slider, a lobster and crawfish slider and a side of tiny fris. (Takes a second to breath) a mini vanilla milkshake, a choice of ice tea, one still, one sparkling, a mini chocolate brownie and a mini lemon tart.

All for the bargain price of £17

But we wanted more…
Yes more…
I’m embarrassed to say…
but I’m gonna…

– Cheesey fris £4
– Sweet potato fris £3.50
– Onion rings £3.50
– Old fashioned Mac n’cheese  £4.95

Yes we looked like that boy in Matilda who had eaten all the cake and yes we had to be pushed and squeezed out the doors when we left but my goodness was it worth it.

Not only was it absolutely scrumptious but my soul was completely comforted. If you have gone through a break up or lost your pet cat or in my case come back from the best holiday you have ever had (Ibiza) then this will momentarily make everything feel ok again. – just don’t forget to add them onion rings.

Beyond expectations, I thought after we had ordered so much that the table could of collapsed and that my bank account was about to get a whooping… but not at all. Between the 4 of us we paid £23 each which included a tip!

The only disappointment was that they don’t do delivery… So my extra little tip if your reading this BRGR.CO – please start! I want onion rings and I want them now.

If your sufficiently feeling sick. I did warn you.

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