Im reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. I am now completely clean of all the crap in my house. 

It said nothing about me becoming absolutely filthy in the process: compulsory shower needed.

I moved into my ‘doer upper’ house last May. When I did this I threw away so much of what was in my one bedroom flat, I thought I had nothing left: I was so wrong. I haven’t even finished reading this ‘Magic’ little book and so far in a one week my boyfriend has already taken a fully loaded car to the dump, 8 times! 

This blog post however is not me delving in about how and what I’ve cleared. It’s about how, after you have cleaned and tidied, things look so much more appealing. I now have more appreciation of what we have achieved so far in our house. One of which is my Kitchen.

T H E  K I T C H E N
A 1900s house. Which I think was a 70s style kitchen which was devided into two rooms. A small pale blue and cream kitchen with a door leading to a small room which I guess may had been a small dining space. 

We got a builder in, who could help us take out the dividing wall safely and also get the changes put onto the deeds of the house. As I write this, the more freaked out I’m getting that it sounds so grown up. No one teaches you this stuff… You learn as you go! 

It’s good to share this kind of information right? It is how most of us are learning ‘life lessons’ these days. No one at school taught me about renovating a house! So here’s some things I wish someone told me before I started…

Everything was taken out, it was completely stripped to its core. My kitchen was naked. After about 5 minutes while we were taken photos of how funny It looked we soon realised we would have to live like this for a while and my goodness it was horrible. 

– No where to cook, so we only had microwave meals, at first I loved this idea: easy to cook and its quick… But trust me on this after your third week in a row of eating substandard microwave meals you begin to feel very gross.  

– Your living room filled with all the kitchens bits and pieces. If I wanted to watch TV, it was possible but I would have to sit strategically between the box of cups and a stack of tin cans. 

– Dust every where. DUST. No one told me how messy it gets. I mean you think it be obvious… But seriously. Cover everything. It’s not just the area your renovating which gets dusty. The dust gets everywhere… EVERYWHERE! 

My advice to you is really plan ahead, Getting a new kitchen is super exciting but no one tells you about that time in-between where you can feel super depressed. I put this down to lack of space, lots of dust and no nutritional food. If I was to do this again, I would of been more strategic;

– In what food I bought. I also would of taken more friends offers of using there kitchens (I mean what are friends for!)

-I would of organised the contents of my kitchen much better and stored it some where that wouldn’t of made me feel physically and mentally uncomfortable. 

– I would covered all my special/ important things, even if they were in rooms away or on another floor or even in the garden, otherwise i promise you… It will get ruined. They will never be clean again. 

We went to about 4 different kitchen suppliers to find our kitchen. Don’t go for the first deal you get. Barter with them & then play them off of eachother! They want your business. One company said 8k and then went down to 4k… I mean HOW? How can they do that!

Everyone normally knows some one; family member, friend, friend of a friend who is an electrician, plumber, builder… Don’t be nervous… Ask. If you don’t ask you won’t get. These people are people you can physically get to do things and trust that what they do is correct and not a scam. If they are too busy or they live far away… The magic of photography and the Internet can mean you can ask them questions and seek advice! Karma will happen… If they help you the universe will come back around and your be able to return the favour sooner or later.

Patience is key. 
Your make less mistakes if you take your time. I have no regrets apart from I wish I spent just a little more time, tried out a few more formations of the kitchen layout, I work on floorplans at my job, so I should of made the time to do it myself rather then relying on other people, however I am a big believer of fate and I also believe that the kitchen will develop and change as we live in it. I mean I already have some new ideas to add to the kitchen! EG a soft seated corner unit, a cool graphic/image at the end of the room… I could go on…

Once the kitchen had kitchen units and tiles on the wall and a floor… We were in business. Well we still are, that clock will never stop. I’m constantly finding little things to go in the kitchen. It’s a clean modern grey and white kitchen which means we need to find little details here and there to make it pop with colour. 


Items from
Marks & Spencer
& gifts from lovely friends

I love my kitchen and I love even more that we did it. I have a kitchen story. I’m very proud of us. It was and will continue to be a long strenuous journey. If your about to go through a similar journey or will do one day in the future remember this; creating somthing in your house, including the mistakes makes a house a home. We now not only have a kitchen that we love and enjoy, but we also have a wonderful crazy story that goes along with it. 

My kitchen story will continue, it will constantly need updating and cleaning… As will the rest of my now uncluttered home. (Little hop skip and a jump as I say that!)

I feel super clear headed, lighter and very house proud after cleaning my house….but now its time to do ‘The Magic of a body renovation’… Face mask, hair wash, body scrub, new bed sheets and a clean pair of pyjamas. Perfect.

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