Such a funny thing people say when describing a ‘look’.

BUT everyone says it.

It means different things to different people.
– a suit without a tie
– a cotton dress with an expensive pair of shoes
– shorts with a shirt
– heels with jeans
– jogging bottoms with a blazer (yes actual people actually wear this, but I’m not here to judge!)

For me ‘smart-casual’ is anything in black with trainers.

Smart Casual Look

Topshop Top (comes in range of colours)
Asos Skirt
Adidas Gazelle Trainers

I sit behind a desk at work, so wearing this outfit – I look/feel pretty darn smart and probably too comfortable but I’ve worked in the same place for 9 years now, so probably not just down to the outfit choice.

Turning 30 has put me off wearing short short skirts & my long black skirt, keeps getting dragged though the pouring UK rain. This 3/4 length skirt however is the perfect length for a shorty like me (I’m 5.3) It’s quite flattering – I’m not a skinny mini (size 12, or if they existed 11 on top, 13 on bottom) but because it is quite high waisted, its actually possible for me to wear a cropped top, show a little bit of midriff but in a classy 30 year old way. That sounded like a story from a modern fashion conciousous Goldielocks and the Three Skirts.

Let’s finally give this ‘look’ a proper definition.

A comfortable but smart look. Meaning something different to each individuals comfort/smart preferences.

I feel there’s one rule & one rule only when following a smart- casual dress code and that is; Don’t wear pyjamas.

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