When it comes to music I have very eclectic taste.

I love music. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t listen to something. I also love discovering new music….But most of all; I love finding new apps…. 

Somehow i’ve managed to combine all of the above with Mixcloud. (Click to check this bad boy app out) 

T H E   R E V E L A T I O N

I went to Ibiza & was lucky enough to experience the insanity of Space, DC10 & Amnesia. It was literally the most amazing experience of my life. Lasers, banging beats, confetti, ice canons, blow up inflatables & actual planes flying over my head; I was in a little bubble of Ibiza joy.

However that bubble burst so hard when I got back home… I needed to be in that bubble again in some tiny little way.

I do have eclectic taste in music. I love all genres but I didn’t own or could find anything that resembled what I heard in Ibiza.

One of the guys who I went with sent me a link to Mixcloud with a podcast called Elrow which was the name of the night at ‘Space’ when we went. This meant I could relive & revisit my little Ibiza bubble to my hearts content!

Once I got over my incredible experience I then went searching for other artists. To my delight I found the following artists which I wanted to share with you. You may have eclectic taste like me & love all of them, but if not i’m sure at least one of these will float your boat.

T H E  D I S C O V E R I E S

Elrow: I’ve been told that this is called ‘electronic’ music. Really repetitive electronic music. You would think why the hell would you want to listen to that… Trust me after having a load of inflatables being chucked on your head while listening to something so loud that your nose vibrates & your heart actually thumps – you decide that its the most incredible music you have ever heard. So this may not be for people that haven’t had this experience.

Above & Beyond: with so much to learn about dance music & being the newbie to this ‘dance scene’ I recently learnt that Above & Beyond’s music is progressive dance. Recently over the past couple of years I have really found a passion for dance music (maybe its a midlife turning 30 crisis?). Its fun & energetic & best of all your surrounded by people who are there because they love it too. Ice Canons when the beats drop also most definitely influenced this ever growing passion. The great thing about following Above & Beyond on MixCloud is that it’s like listening to your own personal Dance Radio station by people who really know their shit (sorry for the language: sometimes there is no other words) I know Dance music has become really popular recently but Above & Beyond take you to other dance places that commercial radio stations just can’t.

Maccabees: I fell for Maccabees a very long time ago… Toothpaste Kisses & Wave Machines – are ‘Marks to Prove It’. When i found they had a profile on Mixcloud my heart literally felt ‘Something Like Happiness’. The podcast is simply titled An Hour or so with the Maccabees’, so far they have three episodes and they are all seriously good. They take you through music they like, what has influenced them, what makes them tick. If your not sure about them – you should still give it a listen, you will definitly be surprised by what they play. Little spoiler – theres Super Furry Animals, beautiful film soundtracks & artists from past and present you may have never heard of and wish you had.

Applebum: If you were around in the 90s & like me loved a bit of hip hop. These Mixtapes will take you right back! Perfect for a hump Tuesday in the office or a Friday about to get ready & party hard kind of listen. I dare you not to smile.  Volume 7 is a personal fave with Mama said knock you out!Got to have your love & obviously…. Word Up!

Toydrum: I work in events and had to get in touch with Pablo for DJing at an event. I found this little mix of his on here. Its very eclectic & different, a blend of all different beats & genres of music. I really enjoy it. Listening to it now in the office as I write this before anyone arrives. Its relaxed and cool. I actually feel quite cool listening to it… as people in the office come in I bet they are thinking WOW I didn’t know Loveday was cool enough to find a playlist like this… what is it? Well its Troydrum and it’s my little gem of a gift that I’m sharing with you. Please let me know what you think – i’d love to know I’m not crazy.

Y O U R   T U R N

If you don’t like any of these… I dare you to find something you do & then please share with me. I know i’ll like it.

I’m a bit of a App-oholic so if you want more app reviews / suggestions please let me know…

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