October for me is a real mix bag of feelings. It has turned cold but the sun is shining. Trees look bare but so beautiful. The day is disappearing as the sky turns darker. Summer has gone & so have days out, but the nights are cosy, warm & snug as we give in that Christmas is just around the corner.

I thought I would share my favourite things I’ve bought in September that I’m going to take with me into this twofaced complicated month. 

M A K E U P 
Laura Mercia Loose Setting Powder – translucent

My make up never stays. EVER. I touch my face. A lot. Which is probably the reason why, but I also think my skin just doesn’t take very well to make up. I’ve only been told in the morning “Loveday you look fresh”…  this is because I’ve just put my make up on & it hasn’t slid off yet like some weird evil cartoon character. The girls at work suggested to use this setting powder after putting on my foundation. So I did… & my goodness its actually worked… my make up is actually staying put! I didn’t pay full price as I had – get this – £10 on my SpaceNK card (this is a members card worth getting)! I won’t just take this product into October with me I think this could end up being a staple item for me, my face & my make up bag!! Another great result was I won a Laura Mercia fan brush in a raffle & had no idea what to do with it… until now! I am one happy fulfilled face. 

Neals Yard Shampoo & Conditioner

I popped into Waitrose after having a huge fight with about not delivering my shampoo & conditioner after 4 weeks & found these beauties on sale! I was super chuffed as Neals Yard is a well known but usually expensive brand. They are quite small bottles but on the back it says ‘Use Sparingly’ which I think is quite honest instructions from a brand. Now my hair is so soft & so healthy… Never thought I’d be thanking Waitrose for my luscious locks. 

Candles from Anthropology 

I bought a white one & a pink one of these little lovelies. I lit the tiny but beautiful candle for a couple of hours in my living room while I cleaned the rest of the house & came back to the most stunning sweet but clean scent… best news was – There is so much more left!! I Love everything about them – they are both modern and beautiful. I just wish I could buy more. Father Christmas if your reading this random blog on the Internet… Anthropologie candles please! 

So… my three faves of the month consists of good hair & a face that stays on… Which will get wet & completely ruined in this October London weather… & my ‘derelict’ house smelling nice from my lovely looking candles… 

Looks like I’m just as confused as this month. 


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