The Weeknd
Beauty Behind The Madness

I’ve listened to this ‘Often’ often I listen to this often, through the day, on ‘The Hills’, through the ‘Dark Times’  ‘In the Night’

Before I listened I was a ‘Real Life’ ‘Loser’ 

I’m now ‘Acquainted’ with the music, a ‘Prisoner’ but I ‘Earned it’, I’m no ‘Angel‘.

Come ‘As you are’ whoever you are & go ‘Tell your friends’ about it.

This is so ‘Shameless’ ‘I can’t feel my Face’!

(Loveday note: This album is @%$&! amazing, I thought instead of writing a review I would just write all the names of the songs and try make a random verse out of it… not sure if it worked but it made me laugh doing it)

If you haven’t heard it already CLICK to  Listen here on Spotify.


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