Trick or Treat?

I’ve got both! 

Most people have a favourite mascara. I do; The Roller Lash by Benefit. The best thing about the Roller Lash is the brush- it’s amazing. It really grips to my lashes which then gives them the volume and lift that they need, however it’s blooming expensive and as always when the mascara runs out its when I can not afford another one. 

So here’s the trick when I desperately need a new one but can not afford it- I use another (cheaper) mascara (in this case Barry M Show Girl) not the brush just the contents and I carry on using the incredible Benefit Roller Lash brush. They even screw onto eachother perfectly, so no leakage!

I know brushes are made for particular formulas and it can damage the brush. I’m not saying I will continue using this brush and this formula forever. I won’t – but it’s a good trick to use till payday! For me it actually works and my lashes’ love it.  


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