It’s dark. 

So into November I have found so much needed light into my life!! 

BHS LIGHTING: This place has the best, most affordable, designer looking lights around. I bought the Paola Pendant Light It’s in my bedroom, it looks expensive & I love it. 

ASDA: I’m obsessed with Asda at the moment I keep finding little glistening gems. First of all; a couple of beautiful light bulbs that cost me £2! (see picture for the ones I got, as I think you can only buy this one instore) They are so amazing and pretty that they don’t need a shade. They also have filament light bulbs for a fraction of the price you would normally have to pay. I also found a colourful tupperwear set for £6, I could never lose a lid again as each size is a different colour!  They also all fit inside eachother so it doesnt take all the space in my kitchen cuboards! Asda has given me a homewear electric shock. Its bloody brilliant! Well done Asda. 
CLINIQUE: Face Mask – it’s no fuss. You put it on before you go to bed. That’s it. Bobs your uncle Fanny’s your Aunt. Skin is clear, bright and beautiful.

JOY:  jewelry boxes – rose gold storage is what every 2015 girl needs for the things that we own that sparkle.

SNAPCHAT: That crazy yellow app that I reach to every time I have a moment of boredom. Watching my friends faces change to an old women or a pumpkin head literally brings light into my life. Follow me: LovedayLooks

BLOGS & VLOGS: In times of darkness (normally before I go to sleep) I watch & read vlogs & blogs;
Lily Melrose: blogs & vlogs. Her honesty is captivating, I love her style and her homeware taste, plus I’ve been reading her blogs for years and I’m a few years older then her so I love watching what she’s doing now (moved out her shared house and now lives in a flat on her own) that’s what I did a few years back and it was the most exciting time in my life so it’s fun watching her go through that now! 
Gabby: I just discovered her vlogs and they really make me laugh. She’s super sweet, honest and fun. 
Poppy Deyes: it’s rare to find a blogger who is into the same style and into the same daily things that I like doing. It’s refreshing and clean and a easy read blog. I love the simplicity of it. 

THE MACCABEES: My knights in shining armour! If your not into The Maccabees then give this Live Lounge a listen! It’s their version of Adeles Hello. I’m going to see them again in Brixton in January and I seriously cannot wait. 

Oh and… 
Christmas Lights: or is it too early for that?

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