I discovered some amazing things in November in which I will share in a blog shaped Christmas present. 

The Lively Show – hosted by Jess Lively
Women of the hour – hosted by Lena Dunham
I can’t express to you all enough, to all my female friends & family and all other women who have technology at their fingertips, you should listen to these podcasts. Even if they are not subjects your interested in. They have both made me think in ways I never thought I could, they have made me think about my life and other women’s lives. It has made me appreciate my life but also made me rethink things in my life…but that’s just me… It is also super interesting and really relaxing to listen too. I’m really enjoying them. Can you tell! 

Tanya Burr – Xmas Eyeshadow Palette
I bought this on a whim, as I’ve recently been getting into wearing eyeshadow and as a amateur in colouring in my eye lids the colours in this palette looked like ones I could work with. There is gold/brown shades and red/pinky shades. There is also a bronzer which I’ve been using to contour (I mean attempting too contour) and a really nice pink blush that’s really sweet in December as it give a nice colour to my winter skin tone!

Zara Jumper
I saw this jumper on ViviannaDoesMakeUp and knew I had to have it. I was worried at first that it was going to be too expensive but to my delight it was at a reasonable £29.99 woop woop! Looks cool, affordable, comfy & warm… The perfect winter purchase. 

My cat Oscar is my pride & joy. His super charismatic and loves a cuddle. His also recently been getting a little fatter which I love. However he has had fleas for the past few weeks and I’ve tried everything to get rid of them. I had tried all the treatments and done all the combing under the sun. Then I decided to try something different; go for the cheaper flea treatment alternative, I just thought maybe his got so use to the expensive treatments he had become immune, and guess what it blooming worked! We are having lots of lovely cuddles again. Yay!

Justin Bieber’s Album ‘Purpose’  
I mean there’s not much to say here apart from have you listened to it? You should. It’s like listening into the future. It’s getting me excited for all the new music in 2016!

I’ve started to swim. When I use to run I listened to music without fail, but when I swim I can’t! Please can someone tell me… Is there is a contraption that I can listen to my music, while I swim without electrocuting myself or breaking my iPhone?!

I feel ahead of my game in life after all that I’ve learnt recently (thanks to Lena and Jess podcasts)…I’m going into December how I feel I should go into January… A refreshed, energised new women with a cool winter wardrobe listening to the new and improved Justin beiber with a new face of makeup with a clean fluffy cat sitting on my lap! Purrrrrrfect. 

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