Into the New Year and I have some practical New Years resolutions I would like to share along with some hopes & wishes for myself in 2016.

Here we go… Wish me luck!

Walk up the stairs. I did this last year but I want to do it more. Do not use a lift or stand still on a escalator unless it’s absolutely neccersary!

A resolution that I have every year; Drink water. All the time.

Clear out items I do not want or wear or need, throughout the year. This will keep me feeling cleansed and feeling good. I did this in September of last year and I have not looked back since so I really want to keep this up.

Finish doing up our house. We have three more bedrooms and our hall way to finish and then maybe if we are lucky… We will get carpet for our upstairs. I can not wait for the day I get out of bed and feel new soft carpet on my feet!

Be the best girlfriend, friend, sister, daughter I can be.

To remember everyones birthdays and special life moments and always send them love and best wishes!

Find more energy even when I feel I have none left. With this energy learn new things. To achieve this I can not be lazy.

Positivity. Always. Positivity is contagious so if I’m positive then the people surrounding me will be too!

To be stronger, and believe in myself more. Stop doubting and worrying! I will never achieve anything if I feel that way.

Don’t buy crap. It’s pointless. It’s just a moment of happiness. Think about the longevity of happiness before making that purchase.

Be patient.

Above all – Live in the moment.

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