I’m not the greatest fan of chicken. I’m more of a red meat / veggie option kinda gal. I feel that you can eat raw vegetables and rare steak and not only does it taste amazing, but it also doesn’t kill you. Chicken however, you cook it wrong and it could be game over…. so I try and avoid.

You could say I’m too chicken to eat chicken.

Bearing this information in mind your’ll be surprised to know how much I loved going to Clutch Chicken!

Clutch Chicken
4 Ravenscroft St
E2 7QG

What I ate:
Love me Tenders (breast fillets)
Lemon and Parmesan

I then shared between the 4 of us a mountain of sides:
– Home made creamy Coleslaw
– Mother Hen stuffing
– Twice fried Fris

– Roasted garlic creme fraiche
– Truffle Aioli
– Clutch chicken gravy

With a cocktail:
Puff Daddy: calvados, plum sorbet & procesco

See food menu
See drinks menu

What I paid: £30

The best £30 I’ve spent all year!
The chicken was stunning. Honestly, SO tasty. When it first arrived I was like whoah there… How will I eat all of this. I did. Easily.

I love dips, so much so that I want to open a shop that’s just about dips, which I would name “A Bit Dippy”. This being a dream of mine, I am always on the look out for the very best dips for my make-believe shop. I found some at Clutch. Don’t ask me to choose. I would have them all.

I need the Clutch Chickens’s coleslaw recipe as it was different, but in the best way you could imagine… It even contained pomegranates… Yes pomegranates.

The chips were… Well chips. We thought we had ordered enough between the three of us (the waiter said they were huge portions and we would never be able to eat 4 portions with everything else we had ordered) however looking back, I think we could of.

I was going to start with my fave part but decided to save the best till last, which is what I normally do when eating my food. ‘Mother Hens Stuffing’. I cried happy tears, no word of a lie. Real happy tears. Imagine the biggest cuddly teddy bear was giving you the biggest, softest bear hug in the world, except it’s happening in your mouth. Imagine that. That’s what it tasted like.

Anyway as you can tell I clutching loved it.

Chicks don’t lie.

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