So it’s Pancake Day. The best day of the year for the best food in the world.

I wrote a Pancake Poem when I was 12 and everyone who knows me, knows it.

I’m currently on the look out for an illustration for my insanely weird Poem about Pancakes… (In which I can then change the header picture above)

Here goes, I hope you enjoy…

The Pancake Song

Pancakes Pancakes
Nice and Sweet
Makes my Heart go
Beat Beat Beat

Eggs and Flower
I got Power
I’ll grow Taller
Then a Tower

Flip them Low
Flip them High
This is Definitely
Not a Lie

Written by
Katy Loveday (thats me)
aged 12 (over 15 years later & I’m still inappropriately proud)

Happy Pancake Day!

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