Thursday 25th February, at 6.10 in the evening, one of my friends said to me as I was leaving work,

“What you up to tonight”.

I grumpily replied,

“straight to bed… my house is in the middle of renovations and the hall way is half way plastered, which means it’s in an absolute state”. 

Little did I know it was going to turn out to be one of the most memorable, exciting evenings of my whole life.

I walked in, with my thick woolly grey hat, freezing my socks off & paced slowly towards the kitchen door, looking through the frosted glass window, I could see him, a shadow standing in the middle of the room… My first thought. What’s he found…. What needs fixing now!

Feeling such anxiety of the strain of my house being pulled apart, the most unexpected thing happened. I opened the door and there he was on one knee with the most beautiful, classic, perfect ring, I have ever seen, 

“will you be my FLT* forever”

in total shock I just cried,

“I thought we already were!”

I started to sob when he explained, 

“when we bought this house it didn’t break us, it made us”.

All the craziness and stress I was feeling, surrounded in chaos just completely disappeared. He knew I loved surprises and this most certainly was!

I told the carpet lady first. I had found a old piece of a carpet online that I needed for the house and was meant to go pick it up that night. So essentially she was the first person I told that I was engaged!

After all the commotion, phone calls… Facebook updates, pictures taken… We decided to make a cheese omelette (as there was nothing in the fridge). We drunk our champagne that he had bought prepared and had chilled in the fridge, we stood up against the kitchen counter and ate our first dinner as a newly engaged couple. Classy! 

Once the champagne had gone I decided to run round the corner buy a can of Stella and extra large can of Desperado (they had no glass bottles) I didn’t have enough money, so gave the man what I had and exclaimed I just got engaged, pretty much not giving the guy a chance to say if that was ok before running out the door. 

The rest of the night I just spent smiling at my fiancé and gazing at my new sparkly diamond ring that had almost instantly become part of my left arm… Like it had always been there. 

A few months have past now. Still staring at my ring… Still floating on cloud 9. 

*Friends. Lovers. Team. 

3 thoughts on “ENGAGED


    I just found your blog url name and had a quick search and I just had to click on this post because love & happiness is such an amazing thing. You’re so incredibly lucky and I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

    P.s. I love you blog, followed you on bloglovin’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I have been doing my house up and preparing for the wedding – which is November this year.. (your right I am and feel so incredibly lucky!) but this means I haven’t posted in a while! So I really need to do this!! You may have just given me the push!

      All the best and again thank you so much for comment!
      Love Loveday xx


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