The closest I get to going to a weekened festival these days is a ‘Wed Fest’ (Wedding themed festival) My younger half sister reminded me of this as she announced with absolute joy she was attending her first festival this weekend at V Fest.

The image above was placed where I sat at the most Pintrest worthy wedding I have ever attended. The polaroid which acted as my name placement is of me at Bestival a few years ago… looking younger, more enthusiastic & completely dressed to impress, for one of the best weekends of my life.

The reason why; I was prepared… I feel like a bit of a guru when preparing for a festival, and as there are still a few more festivals to come this Summer,  Ive decided to share…

‘What people don’t tell you to prepare for’ Festival knowledge;

The walk to find where your going to place your hat and call your home for the next few days is the worst few hours of your life. Its horrific and horrible, however if your in the knowledge of this fact and prepared for the worst 2 hours of your life then it won’t feel so bad (please note that it could be more then 2 hours… yes MORE then 2 hours). Its important to remember once you find your home,  made your tent – thats when the party begins. NOT when you have left your house first thing in the morning.

Its a oldie but a goodie. You might think you know what the weather is going to be like – but trust me you don’t.

(NB see Sunscreen)

Even if your not a fancy dress person, try and do something. This is your time to NOT give a shit, look however you want because everyone looks ridiculous.  Ridiculous but HAPPY and FREE…. (dancing in a large green field makes you feel free… I’m not sure why!?)

If your gonna do more then just put a bit of glitter on your face and your with a group of people; think hard, getting the right fancy dress theme is more important then you think. Ive done Opposite sex, Pirates, Techno Sailors, and it was BEYOND HILARIOUS… great pictures that will last a life time… and it was impossible to lose each other!


  1. Don’t go to a festival alone
  2. Become a unit with your friends. This means having a few cheeky bevs at your tents before you head out to the main stages
  3. Make a plan if one of your unit gets lost – have a meeting point
  4. Hold hands when you walk through a massive crowd – like a snake / conga line. (this way point 3 will not be needed.
  5. Its good to make new friends but just recognise the difference between NEW people and your UNIT. Your UNIT is much more important.

Before you go out for the night shift at the festival – make sure you have your jim jams ready laid out on the bed waiting for you when you get home/tent. You do not want to make the mistake of sleeping naked because you can’t find them and then need a wee in the night… its just going to get you into all sorts of embarrassing / dangerous situations. Also you dont want to pull somthing out your bag and it be the outfit you wanted to wear the day after and now you can’t because its covered in mud… (tents are always muddy, no matter how clean and tidy you are – its no ones fault. It just happens.)

Long trouser bottoms. Thick socks. a small vest top, and a hoodie. You do this because at night its blooming cold and when you wake up in the morning its so hot you feel like you can’t breath. SO because your nicely prepped for this, all you do is take the hoodie off and you have your nice little vest top all prepared underneath – and can go back to sleep without scrambelling around trying to work out if you have been moved closer to the equator or have been kidnapped and put into a sauna.

No matter what, you must bring them and the best way to bring them is to WEAR THEM there (this saves room in your bag). It wont take up space and trust me you won’t regret taking them. Even if it doesnt rain, sometimes the ground gets so mashed up you dont want to walk in any other shoe but your wellies. Plus when dancing your tired feet will feel more protected from not just rain but other festival goers tired stompy feet! Its hard work this festival dancing malarkey. Its a proper work out… you will lose weight. You wont need to go to the gym for at least a week after (and you wont want to either)!

Always take little packs of tissues around with you. You will need them. Also its a good way to make friends in the que. Sharing is caring.

The first festival I went too I actually packed a huge wheelie bag, big enough to fit a small elephant. This bag did come in useful but not for the intended use. (There was a sand storm and the weight of the bag actually held our tent down and saved everyones lives and belongings.. but thats another story for another day.) The tip is ONLY take what you are going to wear. Don’t take ‘what ifs’, ‘but whats’ ‘my friend saids’…. place your outfits into nice little piles what your exactly going to wear, with a couple of extra pairs of knickers… and that is seriously all you will need. ONLY take your essential make up too. It just falls off your face so its just a waste and so upsetting when you lose it (thats why Fancy dress is the way forward!).

You want to take the smallest most comfortable back pack you have (there normally Fugly but trust me by the end of the festival your Fugly bag will be your new best friend that by the time you go back to real life you will even consider using it then).

Roll your outfits up as tight as you can put them into plastic shopping bags and push to the bottom of your back pack (plastic bags always come in useful and protect your clean clothes from your dirty clothes). Carrying a light bag with both your arms free,  will enable you move around with so much ease that TIP ONE ‘Finding your Home’ will be a Moo Point and easy peasy.

You can thank Me later…

Let me know if any of these have helped you and if you have any of your own hints and tips!

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