This blog is becoming a bit of a time capsule of experiences through out my life.

However I’m becoming terrible at writing on here… time just flies away…

So I attempted to write about my Hen Party (3 months after it happened). As hard as I tried and as happy and as loved as I feel right now nothing can compare to how I felt the day I got back & wrote my Facebook Status. It was written with all of my emotion at that particular moment and no matter how much I try – I can’t replicate that.

I have added to the status so some comments make more sense.

SO here it is.

Loveday’s Hen | Bournemouth | September 23rd – 25th 2016

I am the luckiest girl alive.

I have the most incredible amazing friends and family. I cannot thank you all enough for making this weekend the best weekend of my life.

Every moment was AMAZING, I don’t even know where to start but here are just some of the highlights that I will treasure forever:

  • Downing a bottle of cava & carpool karaoke (a special moment with my Mum & my sisters)
  • Singing Señorita on arrival to the biggest and best house I’ve ever seen! (it was a serious mansion)
  • Having a full blown pyjama party that would make Hugh Hefner proud.
  • Being scared absolutely shitless when a “police officer” came out of a secret hatch door that I actually ran behind my mum for fear of my life. (My Mum said this was the first time I had ever done that…ever.)
  • Floyd (the stripper) saying: “my clingfilm isn’t working” (It wasn’t working, but this was the moment I realised that this guy was just a normal dude & just as petrified as me… I hated it, but the girls were having the time of the lives watching me scared out my wits)
  • Dipping my feet in the sea. (Thank goodness the Dirty Dancing lesson was cancelled)
  • Fish and chips with a pint of shandy. (Thank goodness the Dirty Dancing lesson was cancelled).
  • Watching my kind and caring hens work together to get a very lost and very scared lady called Judith safely home. 
  • Becoming unofficial sisters with everyone (including Judith)
  • Dancing the Dirty Dance (Dirty Dance lesson were back on… but this time in our very own mansions garden.. I love it when things work out better in the end… Everything happens for a reason and all that jazz).
  • Being thrown into the sky… COZ I HAD THE TIME OF MY LIFE… & I OWE IT ALL TO YOU… (a run and a jump….try & catch meeeeee!)
  • Creating a Meow dance (a very special personalised section a group of us created within the Dirty Dance sequence). 
  • Autumn (another special personalised dance created within the Dirty Dance sequence).
  • Laughing so hard it hurts.
  • Watching all of you girls turn into complete Sex Goddesses in your evening get ups! (all the girls wore black and I wore white… staying classy Bournemouth City)
  • Eating in the most incredible restaurant (The Edge – a private room at the top with the most incredible view).
  • Witnessing the best dance moves…. ever. (All of you girls have some great signature moves. The wedding is going to be epic if all them dance moves come out to play!)
  • Getting my own bloody SnapChat filter!!! I mean I’m giving Kylie Jenner a run for her money.
  • Dancing til 6am… with glow sticks on our heads! 
  • Being made eggy bread by my little sister for breakfast (This was a 100% highlight – it sorted me right out!)

& The Cherry on Top… The sun was shining the whole time.

I’m an emotional wreck… And now can’t stop crying. (Watching all my friends come to together.. some completely getting out of their comfort zone & just for me, is something I will never forget and will cherish for a lifetime.)

I’m giving Judith a run for her money now… (crying uncontrollably)

Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!!!!
I love you all so much

Westy and Emma (the hen party organisers of the century), all the girls left with the biggest smiles on their faces and that is down to the both of you. If I was the Queen, you would be both knighted. I Love you!

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