Im tired of being wrong,
Being right
Not knowing anything
Feeling confused

Im tired of face masks,
The two meter rule
Too much space between us
The same four walls

I’m tired of feeling alone,
Missing Friends, Family
Making phone calls
Nothing to say

I’m tired of crying,
Lockdown one, Lockdown two
Tier one, two & three
All the tears

I’m tired of complaining,
The mundane
Doing nothing
All the time

Feeling Exhausted.

@missloveday November 2020

This is my poem (if you can call it that).
2020 has brought so much to everyone, the good, the bad, the ugly; but there is one thing I feel like we all feel no matter what kind of year we have had: Exhaustion.

Which is ironic as staying at home you think wouldn’t be so tiring.

There were no marathons this year but I feel like everyone in the world has ran a few in their own mind. I just wanted to capture a few things going round in my head and how contradicting, confusing, complex yet narrow minded brains can be. Is yours too or is it just me?

My lockdown story in three bullets.
⁃ Gave birth to Twins
⁃ 2 year old
⁃ Moved home

The funny thing is, I don’t think the three things above caused me any hinderance or made me feel as exhausted, if anything they were the three things that kept me sane. So rather then complain about my situation I will forever feel grateful for it.

My lockdown brain story in three Bullets.
⁃ The mundane
⁃ The loneliness
⁃ The worry

I hope I can reflect on 2020 in a powerful way rather then a negative way. I hope when this is all over I can sweep the lockdown brain story away and feel stronger then ever… everyone is in a mundane life sequence, we have all felt lonely and we all miss our friends and family. 2020 is the year of worry, but worry is a waste of valuable time and once we get some time back to be able to do what we want, we know we shouldn’t be wasting it by worrying.

We are getting through it, we will reflect on it as one of the hardest years in most of our lives & we should feel proud no matter what achievements physically or mentally. We are and will get through it. Together. In our own respected ways.

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