Your Queen
Your boss
The patriarch

They stay behind the scenes
Always knowing where you’ve been
Won’t leave you in the dark
Would never let you starve

Protecting & warm
Knows how to make you laugh
The one you always call
Will catch you every time you fall

There really is no rule
Be your family, a friend
Your nosy next door neighbour
Your WhatsApp admin maker

The No1 team player
No gender
No age
The one that tells you to behave!

Finding a Mother
That loves you like no other
What they have is lovely
Instinctively motherly

Its a feeling we all know well
Being mothered
Is like being smothered
In a cushion covered cell

The thing you can discover
Is anyone can be your Mother
Who’s yours?
Please show & tell…

@missloveday | 14.03.21

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