She cleans them dishes like her life depended on it. Like meditation. Listening to the radio, Scrubbing this one dried out bit of pasta that wont go away. That pot wash girl. That gives zero fucks. Always standing in that same position.
Not career driven.
What’s the problem officer. Why the judgement. It’s not illegal. She likes to drink, dance, She doesn’t drive. Some say she’s lazy, a little crazy. Fat bottomed. Baby got Back.
She’s driven by kindness. She’s ageless.
Rides life in one direction. That’s what makes her famous…she’s beautiful. It’s true. Every penny she earns, means somthing. No designated driver. She lives alone. Happily. Free. She sways to her own rhythm. Makes her own choices. Her heart full. Her life worth living.
Not career driven. | 15.05.2021

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