Sweaty smelly kisses. Does anyone brush their teeth on a duvet day? This floating black box has switched its self off. Standby. I could be anywhere. Sleep in my eyes. Sandy beaches, no need to fly. I scratch my face as I rub my eyes. Not looking at emails, no alerts or vibrations. Phones off the hook. Blinds kept closed. If the door knocks… ignore it. I’m having a doze.

I’m a marshmallow flump on my dreamy duvet day. Warm, chunky, feeling toasty, Dominos at speed, the door left ajar. Cheesy wheels of heaven that I would die for. I’m Ready. It’s time for me to go far. A space mission. Lift off… this white cushioned cave. Bladders-relieved Galatacticaaaaaahhhhhh. Now I’m ready to watch all my faves.

It’s a duvet day! Don’t care if it’s rainy, sunny, whatever there’s no need to check this crazy blooming weather. I won’t change my clothes, i’ll wear odd socks, hair is messy, in a fun bun. Clothes inside out, tags on display. Laying vertically all of the day, and you know bloody what, that’s ok! I’ve never been so comfy, never been so relaxed. Sometimes one day off is enough… and that is a fact.

@missloveday | 06.06.2021

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