36 doesn’t mean married with kids
Its nothing to do with where I live or what I do. Its what’s in my mind, body, soul too. As time has gone on I’m glad I exist, here are the things that make me 36.

Taking the time to close a door quietly. Eating fruit loaf. Saving a bee. Missing the sea. Some kind of skin routine. Needing a wax. Endlessly trying to relax. A rising percentage of grey hair. A number on the chin I don’t like to declare. Enjoying the quiet. The reason for running. Revisiting the idea of Botox. Learning that Crystals are not “just rocks”. Using a tampon without an applicator. When I have money, sending you flowers. When I need too, recalling my power. No more mini skirts (they’re not for me). Not grabbing my phone at every alert I see. Not knowing a song in the top 20 chart. Not even a wince at the sound of a fart. Too many podcasts but searching for more. Wanting the recipe for a coleslaw. Leaving before the party ends. Hoping that it doesn’t offend. Finally realising the importance of sleep. A bath with no interruptions, a moment to weep. Using Bath salts… and just laying there. Now this is what I call heaven. Not using time wisely when I should be shaving. I’m afraid it’s true I have to say a shop bought coffee is better then home made. Becoming more selfless. Trying to care less. While caring for others. Understanding and appreciating my wonderful Mother. Ordering fish over meat on a menu. Learning to just be myself.

36 is making lists that look like this.

@missloveday | 09.06.2021

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